Sunday, August 16, 2009

The new place

Since my last post, a LOT has happened, namely our move. To make a long story short, we visited Utah for a couple weeks before embarking on the rest of our journey to Indiana. It was nice to be with family and friends and enjoy some of our favorite tasty treats (Cafe Rio, Nielsen's Frozen Custard, etc.)
Adam and a friend drove our stuff across many states while LG and I stayed behind a few days and then flew out (thanks again to LG's grandparents).
Upon our arrival, we feverishly unpacked for several days and went to Target at least five times during said whirlwind.
Of course, our garage is in bad shape and there are still some lingering boxes in a few rooms, but it is starting to look much better. I think we have gotten more done in the past three weeks than we have in the past year.


adamf said...

Look at the last picture... my foot!

Nat says I like to comment on body parts, apparently. So this is me, commenting on my foot.

Alice said...

Nice to see a couple of pictures of where you live. I hope we can come visit sometime.

We miss you already!

Alice said...

Oh- and nice foot adam.

tara said...

-sniff-i can't believe you're actually on the other side of the united states. glad to hear the move went well, however, and heck, anything for five trips to target if you ask me!